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WebStatements Secure Online Sign Up Form

Your WebStatment is now available in our RubyNet internet banking system. Simply log in to RubyNet, select the Account tab, then Webstatements. If you haven't yet signed up for WebStatements, please complete the secure application below. Your NEXT statement will be available to view online. We will send you an email from statements@rubyvalleybank.com when your WebStatement is available. Once you sign up for WebStatements, your paper statement will no longer be mailed to you.

Customer Information


Name of Account Holder:*

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Only checking, savings, and money market accounts can receive email statements.



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All information submitted is kept confidential.  Your information is sent via secure email.  After we process your enrollment request, your next statement will be available to view online at our RubyNet internet banking site.  You will receive an email from statements@rubyvalleybank.com when your statement is available for viewing.  When you sign up for WebStatements, your paper statements will no longer be mailed.


You must view the sample WebStatement in order to complete this application and to ensure you will be able to view your WebStatements.


Click on the sample WebStatements link below and find the authentication code necessary to complete this online form.  The authentication code is located at the top of the sample WebStatement.


Enter authentication code:*
(found in the sample WebStatement and the code is case sensitive)

Yes, I agree to the Ruby Valley National Bank Online Banking Agreement.




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