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Tennessee State Bank’s Security Information
Tennessee State Bank is dedicated to the protection of its customers' privacy. All personal and financial information submitted through the Tennessee State Bank website will be kept accurate, secure and confidential.

Tennessee State Bank operates with a secure network, which will recognize communications from customers using browsers that are compliant with certain security standards. If you are using Netscape Navigator 3.0 or higher, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 3.0 or higher or any other SSL compliant browser, you may submit applications/requests for information online.
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Account Information


Accounts Designated for Internet Access
Please type the account number of each account you wish to view on-line. These may include TSB savings, checking, money markets, CDs, IRAs, and loans. Please note that in order for us to give you access to multiple accounts, the account holders must be identical on all accounts. Also, we cannot provide access to accounts that require two signatures for withdrawals. As a precautionary step, once your Internet Banking Account is set up, we will not display your account number on the screen. Therefore, we recommend that you use a descriptive name to refer to each account (ex: Household Checking, College Savings, etc). Please indicate whether you would like to make transfers to and from each account, or if you would simply like to view account activity.

Transfer Limitations
Regulation D defines a Money Market Account (MMDA) as a type of savings account. Regulation D also defines the number and types of transfers that can be made from a MMDA or from any savings account during a month or cycle and still retain its savings deposit status.
Definitions of Permissible Transactions
The following types of transfers from a savings account are permissible in unlimited numbers:
  • Automatic (preauthorized) transfers for the purpose of paying loans at our bank
  • Transfers or withdrawals made by mail, messenger, automated teller machine, or in person as: Withdrawals Transfers to another account of the depositor at our bank
  • Withdrawals initiated by telephone and consummated by a check mailed to the depositor

  • Limitations: Preauthorized transfers, on the other hand, are limited to six per month, no more than three of which may be by check, draft, debit card, or similar order made to third parties. Types of transactions that also fall within the six per month, no more than three of which may be by check, draft, debit card, or similar order made to third parties include ACH debits, sweep transfers, and transfers made by telephone request made either directly to a bank employee or indirectly through NetTeller. In addition checks payable to third parties and transactions made with a point-of-sale card are further limited to 3 per month. Transfers made via computer through on-line banking arrangements or through an on-line bill payment mechanism are also limited to no more than three per month.

    For further details, you may refer to Truth In Savings Disclosures given to you at account opening.
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      Bill Pay
    If you have chosen to sign up for Internet Banking with Bill Pay Services, please enter the deposit account number from which bills will be paid:

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